Ибараки Доджо

The Ibaraki Branch Dojo and Aiki Shrine are situated in the Yoshioka district of the town of Iwama, east of the Joban Line's Iwama Station. During the 1940's the founder of aikido, Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei, undertook intense training here, establishing the Aiki Shrine, and perfecting aikido. The Founder called it the "birthplace of aikido". Aikido developed from old Japanese martial arts as a method for training body and mind. The Founder described it as "a martial way of harmony". Today aikido has spread to many countries around the world and Iwama is a Mecca to the aikido community. O-Sensei's move to Iwama was prompted by his long held belief that "the true martial path is like unto agriculture, both originate in the life giving power of Takemusu Aiki".