Ибараки Доджо

The Ibaraki Branch Dojo and Aiki Shrine are situated in the Yoshioka district of the town of Iwama, east of the Joban Line`s Iwama Station. During the 1940`s the founder of aikido, Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei, undertook intense training here, establishing the Aiki Shrine, and perfecting aikido. The Founder called it the `birthplace of aikido` Aikido developed from old Japanese martial arts as a method for training body and mind. The Founder described it as `a martial way of harmony.` Today aikido has spread to many countries around the world and Iwama is a Mecca to the aikido community. O-Sensei`s move to Iwama was prompted by his long held belief that `the true martial path is like unto agriculture, both originate in the life giving power of Takemusu Aiki.`